Zuhuri Beauty was created to not only sell the natural skin care products I create for men, women and youth, but to create a space for Entrepreneurs who formulate CLEAN BEAUTY  products to share their products, talents and information. 

I also wanted to create a space to show the inner and outer beauty of people who use my products. They have amazing lives and have overcome so many obstacles. I LOVE my ZUHURI BEAUTIES!



We are just getting started. Right now we offer GLOW GIRL! and The G! Natural Skin Care Products, LaVella  Eyelashes and non-subscription personal hygiene products for men and women.  

The Zuhuri Beauty and Gentleman's Grooming Boxes are unique because customers get to customize their boxes. Customers can order their boxes at any time of the month and get to choose four trial size #CLEANBEAUTY products from Zuhuri Beauty and our partners starting at $25. 



I never thought a Chemistry experiment that damaged my hair and face in college would be a catalyst for me to be a Natural Skin Care Formulator.

I never thought eating clean, losing 80 pounds and healing my body would make me so obsessed about reading ingredient labels. I love to teach people how to not only EAT TO LIVE, but to use products that are good for them. 

You learn a lot about who you are based on the challenges you experience in life. I have experienced tremendous challenges, but I NEVER GIVE UP.

I come from a heritage of tenacious Entrepreneurs, Educators and Business Owners. I want to be an inspiration to children, youth and adults all over the world who have dreams. It is a lot of hard work being an Entrepreneur, but it is worth it!

Zuhuri Beauty at HSN American Dreams Entrepreneurs Academy

EnJunaya is always striving to increase her knowledge of how to be a better person and as an Entrepreneur. She was recently invited to the HSN Entrepreneurs Academy with other Entrepreneurs from around the U.S. There she increased her knowledge on how to run a successful business, networked and she also pitched the Zuhuri Beauty Glow Serum to HSN and their partners.